Friday, November 27, 2009

What might happen in 2011

By: Tolo Bonah Corfah

The CDC is laughing all the way to the bank, as she bagged the result of the just ended Montserrado senatorial by-election. In fact the pundits and Liberian political observers are calling the senatorial bi-election a prelude to the 2011 presidential and legislative elections. But, is it? Did the Liberian electorates give any sign of what will happened in 2011?

From all indications, the 2005 general and presidential elections were dominated by the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC); by grabbing the most legislative seats in the national legislature (both Senate and House of Representatives). The Unity Party (UP) was able to wrestle the presidency from the CDC in the run-off presidential elections. The two political parties at the helm of power in Liberia have failed dismally to deliver to the people; while the Unity party led government was busy from the start with “downsizing and rightsizing” on the one hand, the CDC controlled legislature was busy collecting “cold water” from would be investors and demanding government to pay their rents.

After more than four years, the Liberian people have yet to see the fruits of the votes cast in 2005. While the Unity Party heads the most “corrupt” government in the history of Liberia, the CDC controls the most “inept” legislature in the history of Liberia. Although the CDC controlled house and senate have enacted some laws, in my opinion, they have not enacted any laws that have impacted the lives of the average Liberians.

Is the just ended senatorial bi-election in Montserrado any indication of what to expect in 2011? You bet it is. In my opinion, it is an indication that the Liberian people will not make the same political mistakes that were made in 2005. If any politician thinks that a bag of rice and some flimsy party T-shirt will get them votes in 2011 as was done in 2005 will be in for a shock of their lives. If it were so, Clemenchue Uray of the Unity Party would be dancing all the way to the bank today. He was dishing out free food, money and party T-shirts at all of his rallies. The Liberian people ate his food, took his money, and wore his T-shirts, but still did not vote for him.

Yes, the just ended senatorial bi-election in Montserrado County, the most populous electoral county in Liberia was a referendum, but it was not a referendum on the Unity party alone, it was also a referendum on the leadership of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC). The CDC as a majority party in the legislature failed to set the legislative agenda of the country. The CDC failed as a political party when it sold its political power, the power of the MAJORITY for a few pieces of silver. As a majority party, the CDC failed to secure the leadership of the lower house of congress; I am talking about the speakership of the house, but instead they sold it to Edwin Snowe. The CDC acted like the hungry man who was invited to eat, but instead of taking a seat and a spoon said that they should put his in his hand.

So, to conclude I agree with Geraldine Doe-Sherif; the 2011 election will be a “Tsunami”, but this tsunami will not only sweep the ruling Unity party from office, it will also sweep the house of representatives of those “cold water” representatives. The Liberian people elected them to serve, but instead, they decided to line their pockets first.

Thanks for the space and may god richly bless Liberia.

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