Thursday, November 05, 2009

Emotional facebook reunion

By: Sam K. Zinnah

Clayton, Delaware. On October 25th, 2009, am member of the 52nd national legislature of the Republic of Liberia made an emotional discovery of her sister who she last saw in 1979 in Liberia. According to Representative Alomiza Ennos, her late father left Liberia in search of better life and future for her children. Before leaving Liberia, her father left she and her other sibling with a friend. She said her father had been trying to get VISA to the US but was denied several times before finally getting the VISA at last. Not wanting to mis the opportunity, Dan Ennos (the father) decided to leave his children with a family friend and make use of his American dream. He left Liberia with the plan of settling down in the U.S and later sending for his children. After arriving in the U.S. the perception about the U.S. became a mere dream as he got to meet the reality of hustling for documents and struggling to meet his survival.
In the process of acquiring legal status in the U.S., Dan Ennos was left with one of two options, “to marry a U.S. citizen and get his Status or be deported after his VISA expired”. Dan Married and had Kids in Washington DC. His dream of sending for his children from Liberia began sinking as his American wife spent most of her time being drunk. Still very concern about his Liberian children, Dan Ennos took his three year old to Liberia to see her other brothers and sisters. His three year old American born Okama Ennos (three year old in 1979) met her sisters for the first time in Liberia.
In 1989, ten years after visiting Liberia, Dan Ennos was still in the process of bringing her children to the U.S, a civil war “which became one of the world’s brutal” broke out in Liberia. According to Alomiza Ennos, her father fell died after seeing a video of the brutality that was going on in Liberia during the civil war.
His American Born Okama Ennos was left to struggle in meeting the expense of her survival and education. For decades, Okama have been wondering if her siblings survived the war in Liberia or not.
In 2005 after 14 years of blood bath in Liberia, a democratic presidential and legislative election was held. In that election, Alomiza Ennos emerged as one of the winners of the 14 electoral districts in Montserrado County in Liberia. While on an official visit in Washingto DC recently, she came across Sam K Zinnah and asked if there was any way she could locate her missing sister. Mr. Zinnah suggested facebook, upon arrival in Delaware at Sam Zinnah’s resident, Mr. Zinnah turn on his laptop and log onto his facebook account. In the sear bar, Mr. Zinnah typed in “Okama Ennos”. A historic photograph of Okama and her late father appeared, Rep. Alomiza Ennos screemed at the top of her voice and ran into tears. She cried for few minutes and anxiously asked “how can I talk to her”?. After few days of facebook communication between Sam Zinnah and Okama Ennos, a telephone call finally came from Okama Ennos who currently lives in South Carolina. The long awaited moment was finally at hands. Both sisters cried on the phone and later began comforting one another. A big reunion is underway. Thanks to facebook.

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