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UNMIL daily Media Summaries,5 January 2009


Libyan Leader Renews Commitment to Liberia

(The Inquirer, The News, National Chronicle, Heritage, New Democrat, Daily Observer, Public Agenda)

·         Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has renewed his government’s commitment towards the implementation of projects his country has agreed to undertake in Liberia,

·         According to an Executive Mansion release, the projects to be undertaken include a rubber processing plant, a US $30-million dollars agriculture project and the renovation of the Hotel Africa facilities in Virginia, on the outskirts of Monrovia.

·         The Libyan leader made the commitment at the weekend during a stopover visit to the country.

·         Meanwhile, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Colonel Gaddafi later discussed a wide range of issues including bilateral relations between the two countries and the recent military takeover in neighbouring Guinea among other things.

President Sirleaf Visits Former Transitional Chairman Bryant

(The Analyst)

·         President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has visited the residence of the former Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia, Mr. Gyude Bryant in Monrovia. Wednesday's visit, coming on the eve of the New Year, was part of the President's goodwill gestures marking the holidays.

·         During the visit, the Liberian leader extended warm holiday greetings to the former transitional Chairman and wished him well as we welcome 2009. The President later told reporters that her visit was also a gesture of reconciliation as Liberians work together to rebuild the country

·         Former Transitional Chairman Bryant welcomed the move, saying he was honoured by the President's visit, which according to him, came as a surprise. Mr. Bryant described the President's visit as a gesture aimed at building a new bridge into the New Year as the country and its people continue to reconcile. He said it was time to hold together and move the country forward, urging all Liberians to work towards the common good of the country.

·         Wednesday's surprised visit to the home of Chairman Bryant is part of visitations by the President as part of gestures to mark the holidays. President Sirleaf recently visited ailing Catholic archbishop Michael Francis and later exchanged holiday greetings with the Standard bearer of the Liberia Action Party, Cllr. Varney Sharman when the two met in Robertsport last weekend during a retreat. The President has also visited a number of hospitals and clinics around Monrovia and its suburbs as well as orphanages and the Monrovia Central prison, distributing food and gift to the institutions.

Timor Massacre Trial Somersaults – 4th Witness claims main perpetrators on the run

(Daily Observer)

·         Uncorroborated testimonies given by the various state witnesses in the ongoing Timor massacre trial appear to rest the burden of proof on the Government to prove its case beyond all reasonable doubt as the fourth witness, Tidoe Morden, last Friday, January 2, 2009 told the court that the main organizers of the crime were still at large.

Major Cabinet Reshuffle set for This Month - Information Minister Says


·         The Ministry of Information says President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf will early this month carry out a major cabinet reshuffle in her government. Addressing the year-end edition of the regular Information Ministry news conference, Minister Laurence Bropleh said the President has reiterated her resolve to reshuffle her cabinet to increase efficiency, effectiveness and productivity in government.

Radio Summary

Local Media – Radio Veritas (News monitored today at 9:45 am)

Libya Reassures Liberia of Continued Aid

President Sirleaf Visits Rivercess County Today

·         President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf will today visit Rivercess County and tour several projects undertaken by NGO’s and the Liberian Government.

·         In an interview, Rivercess County Senator Jonathan Baney said the President will also tour the newly constructed police station and a 100-bedroom guest house still under construction in the county.

·         The President will also visit the site of a major highway project linking Buchanan to Cestos City.

·         The rehabilitation of the highway was done by the United States Government through USAID with the Liberia Community Infrastructure Programme (LCIP) as implementing partner.

 (Also reported on Star Radio, Sky F.M., Truth F.M. and ELBC)

Two Criminals Arrested for Stealing Nearly US$2,000 from Fellow Passenger

·         Two alleged criminals have been arrested in Monrovia for stealing nearly US$2,000 from a fellow passenger in a taxicab.

·         The two men are said to be involved in a new criminal scheme referred to as operation “escort passenger” that has left several passengers robbed.

·         Speaking to reporters following their arrest, the men admitted to the act and said they usually enter taxis and steal from unsuspecting passengers.

(Also reported on Star Radio, Sky F.M., Truth F.M. and ELBC)

Police Investigates 18 Suspected Looters

·         Police in Monrovia are investigating at least 18 people for their alleged involvement in the looting of a local mattress factory.

·         Police sources said the suspects were arrested Sunday with several items including mattresses and computer sets allegedly looted from the factory while it was engulfed by fire.

·         The cause of the fire has not been established but it is believed to have started from the production room. Investigation is underway to determine the cause of the fire.

(Also reported on Star Radio, Sky F.M., Truth F.M. and ELBC)                                      

Truth F.M. (News monitored today at 10:00 am)

Press Union Seeks Injunction to Halt Its Headquarters Project

·         The Press Union of Liberia has filed a petition before the Civil Law Court seeking an injunction to the construction of its headquarters in Sinkor.

·         According to PUL President Peter Quaqua, the decision was taken after series of efforts to hold discussions with the company failed.

·         Mr. Quaqua said the contract had a number of flaws that needed to be reviewed in keeping with the union’s constitution.

Postal Affairs Ministry Beefs up Surveillance Measure at Facilities                                     

·         The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications has installed several surveillance cameras at its operational facilities to detect what it referred to as fraudulent activities.

·         Postal Affairs Minister Jeremiah Sulonteh said the exercise is part of the comprehensive post-war reform programme which is intended to upgrade the country’s postal system.


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