Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gbarpolu County officials meets with Senior Senator Momo

Gbarpolu County Senior Senator Theodore Momo has held a consultative meeting with the leadership of the Gbarpolu County Association in the United States. The meeting was held in the East Coast State of Delaware, the United States of America.
According to a press dispatch from Delaware, Senator Momo's meeting with his fellow compatriots was geared towards stimulating greater involvement of members of the Gbarpolu County Association in the holistic development program of the county.
Senator Momo used the occasion to brief the Gbarpolu County Association leadership on the current state of affairs regarding the County development programs as well as the challenges ahead.
In response, the leadership of the Gbarpolu Association lauded Senator Momo for meeting with them in an effort to help mobilize the resources necessary to move the County forward.
The Gbarpolu County U.S. based citizens assured Senator Momo of their total commitment to the development of the County.
The meeting, according to the dispatch, resolved that a system of transparency and accountability be formulated for the channeling and handling of resources from the U.S. based citizens through the county leadership for onward delivery to the people of Gbarpolu County.
On account of the current destruction of crops and poisoning of water resources by caterpillars crossing on from Bong County, both Senator Momo and the Gbarpolu County Association leadership agreed to create more awareness to attract immediate assistance for the County.
Meanwhile a follow up round table conference between Senator Momo and the Association of Gbarpolu County is scheduled shortly.


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