Saturday, June 23, 2007

The University of Liberia; A closure or put off?

The Editor,
Please allow me to use your media in search for clarifications to my doubts. Samuel K. Doe, Flogged UL Students and Closed the UL Indefinitely-1984; Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Flogged UL Students and Put off Classes Indefinitely-2007. "UL Classes Put off Indefinitely" or University of Liberia Closed Indefinitely, is there a grammatical difference between the two phrases?According to a Headline News reported on Front PageAfrica (Bill K. Jarkloh, FPA Staff/writer ) 06/19/07, the writer informed us (his reading public) that "ULClasses were put off indefinitely". Was that the right phrase to be used for such an important issue? If the Nation’s only Public (State Owned) and Highest Institution of Learning (University of Liberia) classes are indefinitely suspended, should we be calling it a Closure or Put Off? Fellow Scholars, I am a student at Howard University in Washington DC studying Medicine not English. I am quite familiar with my Medical Terminology, Human Anatomy and Physiology. However, I am also very fluent and proficient in speaking and writing English, but I get confuse when Politicians speak or write English. Hence, I’m kindly seeking English Major Students and Professors to interpret the grammatical difference between the two phrases emphasized above and why should we be calling President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s action a “Put Off” and calling Samuel K. Doe’s action a Closure? Please address your response to Paul K. Kennedy ,

Thanks for your help.
Paul Kennedy
Howard University
Washington DC

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