Monday, June 25, 2007

The danger of oil discovery in Africa

Oil is a natural blessing but it is usually abused and misused by African leaders. The west used the opportunity to grab whatever they can in the process. They “The West” even encourage conflict in the region in order to get the resources “at a cheaper or no cost” to build their economy.
In pretend, the U.S. and other western countries give loans and aids, but in reality, they actually get far more than what they pretend to be giving to the region. For instance, for every $1 the United States contributes to international financial institutions that give aid, the recipients spend $2 to buy goods and services in the United States. For every $1 paid by the U.S. into the World Bank alone, about $9.5 flows into the nation’s economy in the form of procurement contracts, operations expenditures and interest payments to investors in the bank bonds. That’s excluding the other ugly deeds behind doors. So, oil suppose to be a blessing for the African continent but it has become a weapon that is being used by the west against Africa. Where ever there is huge natural deposit in Africa, there will always be conflict there.

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