Friday, February 23, 2007

Edwine Snowe "one down, one to go"

There is sometimes a tendency to forget or overlook what should have been recalled as the plain fact of occurrences. Obviously, the end of Edwin Snowe’s tenure as House speaker arrived after spending 365 days and few hours as Speaker of the 52nd national legislature of the republic of Liberia. After months of intense controversy amongst the very bridges he used to ascend to the position of House Speaker, Edwin Snowe lost the confidence of his colleagues in a year and was finally booted out of his position on January 16, 2007.
Edwin Snowe is one of the creations of former president and alleged war criminal “Charles Taylor” who’s presently deposited in a savings account in the Netherlands and awaiting for a trial that he may never get. Snowe is a savaged from NPFL/NPP political equivalent of his creator “Charles Taylor”. He is a case of a “zombie-like” synthetic personality taken over by something like psychopathological equivalent of the body snatchers from outer space. An important comparison which clarifies the significance of that distinction for Liberia’s national security is to set the deluded and politically assaulted and kind of reprocessed political garbage disposed by the confused and bankrupted National Patriotic Party (NPP). Besides the 1989 NPFL incursion which recruited Edwin Snowe, he also managed to penetrate and work in the NTGL which massively looted the economy of Liberia in less time. Snowe, “as sketched by one cartoonist” is a clear cut clinical case of the missing marbles in the Liberian political playgrounds. As speaker of the house of representatives of the republic of Liberia, his attempt to covertly establish a diplomatic relations with Taiwan, delivered him into yet another political dark room.
Unlike his creator “Charles Taylor”, Snowe pretends to be well informed and wise but in actuality he’s not. In less than a year, he dug his own grave and designed his own casket. As the old saying goes, the evil that man does live after him. In his boss’s regional cell in Sierra Leone, he (Ghankay) was chased on the daily basis by those he forcibly send ahead to prepare a place for him in the great beyond. Charles Taylor complained that the generator was disturbing him at night and that he could not sleep. The real story was that he was being chased by spirits from the great beyond. Snowe’s is appearing to him in different faces, forms and through some of his disciples. His days are closing up on him but unlike his former in-law and creator “Charles Taylor” he does not want to overtly accept the facts.
According to reports from Monrovia, Edwin Snowe is still insisting that he remains the Speaker of the 52nd national legislature and will make sure to fight to the end. At about closing time on Monday night, the city mayor of Paynesville walked into Radio Varita’s studio and announced that he was threatened by some individuals send by Edwin Snowe. According to the mayor, the individuals alleged that the mayor is one of the architects working on Snowe’s removal. He is also accused of working on a plan to impeach Snowe from his constituency.
On Tuesday January 16, 2007, 43 members of the house of representative voted to kick out Edwin Snowe as House Speaker. Edwin snowe was elected as district representative of Montserrado County and later elected as Speaker of the House of representative. Out of the two positions, Snowe has lost one, and one more to go.

Sam K Zinnah

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