Saturday, January 07, 2012

Political ax to fall in Gbarpolu County

By: Sam K Zinnah
Clayton, Delaware,

Report coming from Gbarpolu indicates that Gbarpolu County Superintendent Boimah Quaye Taweh and some members of his leadership team are set to be suspended for time indefinite. Full details of Superintendent Taweh’s indefinite suspension are not known yet but independent and other sources are suggesting that the Superintendent and his team are said to be involved in some uninvestigated financial mal practices. According to reliable sources from Gbarpolu County’s political capital “Bopolu”, The junior Senator elect, Hon. Armah Zulu Jallah” has immediately recommended Mr. Isaac Varmah as acting Superintendent and Mr. Thomas Koiwu as acting Development Superintendent pending investigation into the alleged involvement of Superintendent Taweh and his County Team into the financial mal practices in the County.
Few county official s were contacted this morning to verify the unconfirmed reports but they all refuse to comment on the issue because of it sensitive nature at this very important political time in the history of the county. Efforts are underway to confirm the report and follow the trend of the investigation of the County officials involved.

Unconfirmed sources also disclose that the recommendation made by Junior senator elect Armah Jallah has met stiff resistance from the Internal Affiars Minister who is to verify and made recommendation to the President for proper appointment or nominations. The source states "Hon. Jallah is from the opposition bloc, his remarks during the just ended campaign and elections were kind of derogatory, he’s likely to be seriously and politically monitored during his administration as junior senator for Gbarpolu County”.
Full details of this story will be published as it becomes available.
Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Hope this allegation will be fully investigated and a comprehensive report made public. Corruption has been the major contributing factor to the underdevelopment of Gbarpolu County and Liberia as a whole.