Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A rejoinder to Aloysious T. Togba’s allegation

By: Sam K. Zinnah

(Clayton, Delaware) Mr. Togba or PMP, am not quite sure what you are trying to portray here. Are you telling me or other Liberians that we don’t have the right to know who’s stealing from Liberia?
From my understanding as a human service major student, media institutions are not suppose to be cheering squad for any administration. For decades, most Liberian media institutions served as cheering squad for government but from what we are seeing now, things are changing and those changes are becoming worrisome for close minded people like you “Mr. Togba or MP”. In an effervescent Democracy, media institutions serve as mouthpiece for the massive. These institutions are used to inform the public about the good or bad work of a seating administration to help the voting public decide how to cast their next ballot. This has been the complete opposite in the case of Liberia over the past decades or centuries now. For your information, FPA has gained the credibility that most Liberian news Medias has not reached since their establishment.
One good thing we now know about so-called government sensitive information is that it has always been fully loaded with criminal activities ranging from economic looting to threesome sex scandals. How can a sound minded person tell the whole world that an audit report loaded with corruption scandals is “sensitive information”? Am not even sure this “Togba” name is real. This name is probably used by some of those that have find their legs caught in the corruption webs.
The role FPA is playing now is one of the many opportunities that were promised to Liberians during the 2005 campaign by the Elle Johnson Sirleaf team. We were promised that we will have free and transparent administration. It was even based on this pillar that officials and nominees were asked or required to declare access prior to confirmation (for those positions that required confirmation by the national legislature). So, for someone like you to come out now swinging at a news media considered by most Liberians and the international community as “Liberia’s CNN”, raised serious doubt about the name you seem to be hiding behind. One of the good things we are enjoying about free world press now is the availability of advance technology.
I see your attack on FPA as the beginning of the smell of what lies ahead of the Knucklesgate II scandal. According to sensitive information I have on hand, the head of the so-called “hand-picked” Dunn commission “Professor Dunn” is currently in queue as one of the many applicants for the consultancy of the governance Reform Commission (GRC). The very administration that Professor Dunn is charged with investigating is responsible to approve or deny applications for this lucrative contract. What would any sound minded analyst predict as the future or the outcome of the “Dunn Commission”.
Ahead of the “handpicked” Dunn Commission, I have used my personal technical skills to conduct my own investigation. I hold a diploma in computer network engineering technology from the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) in Ghana. I also attended the Cittone Technical Institute in Pennsylvania, where I did software engineering prior to transferring to Delaware Technical and Community College in Delaware State where I later change my major to human services.
For your information, all communication sent from your email account can be verified by what is referred to as IP address. From the various emails from Mr. Knuckles’s yahoo account, there are huge inconsistencies about statements he made after the chain of email was released by FPA. Let me hold back for now until the official reports are released by the Dunn commission.
Mr. Togba or PMP, from now onward, we will not keep quiet. We will talk & write until rights overcome wrong in Liberia.

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