Monday, October 06, 2008

Few minutes with Miss Liberia 2007/2008

Ms. Bendu Tita Parker in 2007 emerged as the winner of Miss Liberia 2007/2008 pageant. The pageant was organized by Miss Boss Lady Entertainment International in collaboration with the ministry of information.
During the program that gave giant size lead to Ms. Parker, she stood that underdevelopment of Liberia could be attributed to bad governance. She linked the 14 year senseless civil war to bad governance.
According to the outlined rules of the 2007/2008 pageant, Bendu was expected to receive us$10.000.00 from Kakata trading, $600.00 from Commium (a cell phone company in Liberia), Firestone scholarship of us$1,500.00 and us$500.00 from Ecobank
Recently, Mr. Sam K Zinnah “through facebook” came one-on-one with 2007/2008 Miss Liberia “Bendu Tita. Parker” who is currently on vacation in the United Kingdom. Mis. Parker declined interview but said she could spell out few of her activities in Liberia.

1. what are some of the activities you are working on in Liberia 'if any?

I do the regular charity work, with schools, hospitals, clinics, orphanage homes and the various counties. I also have speaking tours and concentrate on female education across the country. I partnership with the American library and had the first spelling competition ever in Liberia. I partnership with government of Liberia and UNMIL (United Nations Mission In Liberia) for the national anti rape campaign, partnership with government of Liberia and Liberia fistula project for a massive surgical fistula campaign, recently award over 29 elementary students scholarships for this academic year and many others

2. Thousands (if not millions) of Liberians were coerce out of Liberia during the civil war, many are either in Europe or America, if you were to ask for two major things from them, what would you ask?

I really have my own thoughts when it comes to Liberians that are away. Liberia suffered and gradually we are trying to put the broken pieces together. I will want all Liberians to return home and rebuild our nation,. at this point its a hard decision to make for many families. Most people have nothing to go back for, but we can all go back to contribute to our society. We must always put country first.
Some or many of these Liberians in question took on other citizenship while in other countries. According to the Liberian constitution, those Liberians are no longer considered Liberians; including their kids (if any) they had while in exile or refuge. how would such condition be reconciled with your plead to return home to rebuild our nation?

I don’t think dual citizenship should be the paramount issue. I believe you are still a true Liberian and that’s what runs in you, in your blood. It’s all about creating a better world for our children and leaving a legacy that will judge us tomorrow. Many Africans leave their countries in search of opportunities. In most of these cases, Africans return home when life gets better. I haven’t seen the part of the Liberian constitution that says you are not Liberian when you have another citizenship. There were issues about dual citizenship during our most recent elections, and I know it was taken care of.

Many people in Liberia look at Miss Liberia as just beautiful Liberian ladies advertising their beauty. What topic or strategy would you use to sell the idea of Miss Liberia to other Liberians who are not properly informed about you?

There is so much that our young women can learn from participating in the Miss Liberia beauty pageant. It is not just the physical beauty, but the beauty inside. It’s just simple. Give the young women the chance to display what they have inside. Support their projects. When I look at my position now, I don’t see myself as just Bendu Parker. I represent the many young women across my country. all the fifteen counties. I want people to see what i am capable of doing for Liberia. Evaluate my projects and support them. Beauty with a purpose is beauty with true essence.

The rebuilding/reconstruction of Liberia is actually a collective effort. Recently, one online Liberian news magazine published what appeared to be scams of activities allegedly involving some of the President’s inner circle, since the publication of those emails; there have been different views of Liberians in and out of Liberia. What do you or your organization make of this?
I do not speak for the miss Liberia org, I speak as Bendu T. parker, miss Liberia 2007/2008. We have serious issues to deal with. I don’t think Liberians should concentrate on those things that will divide our country. For too long, those were the issues. Let us think about those things that will develop our nation and not take us back to where we were 4 years ago. We have had enough of the confusion, war, violence and etc. anything that could take us back or remind us of the past, will not have my support.

Miss. Parker, it was nice spending few minutes of your leisure time with me this evening. what would be your last words before we draw our curtains?

liberia needs all of our collective efforts. We can create a nation we can all be proud of. I see a Liberia that the world will envy. God bless Liberia.
Once again, thanks for your time

good night

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