Thursday, December 06, 2007

Yet another defeat

On December 4, 2007, register voters all over Gbarpolu County headed to their various pooling station to elect their senator. According to reports from several stations, turn out was a bit low during the morning hours. One observer attributed the low turn out to “many polling stations” compared to the 2005 elections which had fewer stations. He said; if you compare the number of stations we have now to the number we had during the general elections, you will find a huge difference. So, many of the people that were at these stations during that time are now in their own local areas”.
Another observer said most of the register voters were farmers. The observer said most of them decided to take care of personal business before returning to cast their ballots in the evening.
At about 6:00 PM Liberian time, I called Radio Gbarpolu and spoke to several representatives at the Bopolu Central High School Campus. All the representatives described the process as free, fair and transparent. According to them, ballot counting began immediately after the pool closed. Few hours after the pool closed, preliminary results began to pull in. According to the NEC and other observers, Ruling Unity Party “Theodore Momoh” is in a comfortable lead ahead of eight other candidates. If the Ruling Unity Party “Theodore Momoh” keep grip on his comfortable lead, he will be pushing several other candidates into “yet another defeat”.

Full story coming soon!!

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