Thursday, November 08, 2007

Victoria K. Zinnah's speech at her graduation on September 17, 2007

The administration, distinguish guess, fellow graduates, Ladies and gentlemen.
Today marks a very important day in our educational and career journey as we complete our trainings. On August 17, 2007, we entered this building individually. Today, we are walking out as an extra ordinary class. In my own description, I would refer to this class as “courageous”. You may never know the potential of a person until you delegate a piece of responsibility to them. When we initially entered here, our perceptions were a bit divorced until we began taking on responsibilities.
As you may all know, the responsibilities we are about to shoulder today are very dedicate. The decision we’ve made to enter the field of nursing should not be based on how much money we can make from working but how we can all contribute the building a better healthcare system in America and around the world.
We all sit together today with the primary goal of graduating from Always Care, but do we all have the same goal of working to build a better health care system? That’s one question that I kept asking myself throughout our trainings.

Like many refugees or exiles, I find it very difficult to dismiss memories of my experiences prior to my decision to join the field of nursing. When one flees a war zone, all that one often takes are memories of painful occurrences and otherwise. Many store these memories as images of the world left behind. Some keep them as stories worth telling later on. Images or memories followed us wherever we go and can define and shape our dreams and choices. Sometimes too, the paths we choose in life are strewn with discarded images of our past and our conversations with others are colored by our past experiences.
In 1989, my country “Liberia” was hit by senseless civil war that claimed thousands of lives and properties. During that war, I witnessed infants die in the arms of their malnourished mothers. Epidemics like, cholera, malaria, fever or something that could be simply cured with antibiotic, killed hundreds of thousands of people. After witnessing all of the above and many others, I grew passion for the field of Nursing. It is my dream and aspiration to provide quality health services for people with special need and in all other medical conditions.

Let’s us all be grateful to God for the many protections and opportunities we have access to. Take a look at some countries around the world today. For example; some people in Sudan, Somalia, Iraq and many other countries are denied simple or basic human rights. Here, we have access to them. Many are denied access to food by their leaders, here, we have access to them.
For hundreds of children in some countries, the streets are where they look to find their homes, parents, playground, education, healthcare, and their love. To go without healthcare, is the plight of many people in third world countries. Today, I want to remember my home “Liberia”, one of the most visible symbols of my lifestyle in a way that may seem intangible. I want to take this time on behave of the class to say many thanks to all of our instructors for all the knowledge they have imparted into us. We will always remember you for that and to our family and friends for all the support and encouragement you give us through out this training. Not forgetting my husband who has been there changing diapers while I study, I appreciate you a whole lot.
Thank you and May God bless you all.

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Kamau L. said...

I wish you the best in your future endeavor. After watching the war video segments on this blog, once again the evil nature of man hit me. I know war can be devastating, but what drives brothers against brothers in a magnitude that Liberia and other African countries have experienced is beyond human reason. May you go forth and serve in your new found career path with dedication. Be the best nurse you can be. Its stories like yours that give humanity a hope. That even after a season of darkness, at dawn the human spirit can rise up again.