Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Is Ghadafi mad? part II

By: Sam K Zinnah

Consider the commonly heard expression in the sub-region, “Charles Taylor and his creation must face justice”. Ghadafi and his Libyan mafias may not feel that regional “of which the so-called revolutionary should be part of” issues should be raised to address regional problems. Regional issues of justice may not be the direct factor of concern to Ghadafi and his government in Libya but they are of decisive importance to the sub-region especially in the struggle to define a solution to regional problems. Ghadafi’s continuous persistent to create his so-called “United States of Africa” is not a matter of facts, but simply of a “feeling” which may not have any legitimate place in the efforts to address the relevant political problems on the Continent. Ghadafi’s kind of emotion-driven aberrations are a major factor of a mass political behavior motivated by a pathological use of “I feel” as a substitute for rational behavior. How does a true revolutionary feel about mass killing of peace loving Liberians, Sierraleons, Ivorians, and Guineans to the wicked hands of the very Charles Taylor that was created by him (Ghadafi)? The notion of a democracy of “feeling” as distinct from reasoning, is a potentially fatal contradiction in terms, “as a case of what happened in Sierra Leone, Guinea and cote de’ Voire” expressed a large overdose of “feeling” but virtually no exercise of reasoning. Liberia, Sierra Leone, cote de’ voire guinea and the entire world will not forgive Ghadafi for training and unleashing Charles Taylor on the sub-region. Ghadafi’s creation of Charles Taylor, his involvement in the 1988 bombing of the Lockerbie Pan Am Boeing 747 flight 103 airliner tells the world something very important about him”.

During the Abuja conference that arranged the 1997 presidential elections in Liberia, I witnessed the incarnation of Ghadafi’s cash into political power. With the help of his reginal mafias, Ghadafi programed Charles Taylor and his blood money. Taylor became the mole of deed financier whose dirty dope dollars became the most weighted voice or decision of the entire process in Abuja, Nigeria. Howls of protests came from oppositions, i.e. the late Harris Fumba Moniba of LINU. But after months of talks over the concern of electing Charles Taylor, Obasanjo, Ghadafi, Blaist Campoare still used their Regional mafias with the backing of Tom Ikimi “Nigeria’s foreign minister at the time” and Mohammed Ibn Chambas “Ghana deputy foreign minister at the time” to execute the millions of dollars contract awarded them by Charles Taylor and his creators. Both men (Ikimi and Chambas) served as the financial-mega speculators “for Nigeria’s obasanjo, Libya’s Ghadafi, Bokena Faso’s Campoare, and Ghana’s J.A. Kufuor ” in bringing Charles Taylor to power in Liberia. Kufuor’s share of the contract was to print the ballot papers for the elections. Initially, Kufuor played a very major road in the formation of the then NPFL. He shared the name of his political party with Charles Taylor. Kufour heads the National Patriotic party (NPP) in Ghana and Charles Taylor headed the National Patriotic Party in Liberia.
In 1997, I attended college in Accra, Ghana. Two of my teachers took part in the printing of ballot papers at "Bob printing press in Achimota", (suburban Accra). On the last day of the work, I covertly visited the printing press. During the visit, it was discovered that I was a Liberian. A gentleman walked to me and asked: What are you doing here? I answered by telling him that I was escorting a friend. He said to me in a soft and low voice; “you will disappear if this is heard anywhere around in Ghana especially buduburam camp. The ballot papers were printed and covertly transported to Liberia. The masses going in the streets of Monrovia to cheer Charles Taylor’s NPP to victory just coincided with Obasanjo, Ghadafi, Campoare and Kufuor’s plans.
The reality is that Charles Taylor can co-exist just fine with obasanjo,Ghadafi,Campoare and all whom he shares an intimacy through mutual acquaintances. Ghadafi (the so-called revolitionary) witnessed the mayhem inflicted upon Liberians, Sierra Leoneans, Guineans and ivorians by his (Ghadafi's) creation "Charles Taylor" and his bunch of child soldiers. No one “not even the heavenly
Intervention of the angels from heaven” could stop the untold sufferings “caused by Charles Taylor” that caused many to perish of hunger, especially those of tender (ages) years.
Mothers “with scarcely strength to support themselves” carried their famished and malnourished infants in their arms and died with them. Many felt victim to stray bullets, cold and others to intense thirst while president Ghadafi relaxed in Tripoli and watch satellite channels. Nigerian soldiers were also murdered in huge numbers by Charles Taylor and his child soldiers. Let me not enlarge too
deep on the cruelty and avarice which (Ghadafi’s creation) Charles Taylor and his boys frequently inflicted on Liberia and the neighboring countries before I run into coma. I find it very difficult to dismiss memories of my experiences during Charles Taylor’s senseless war.
After all the above narratives, how then can Ghadafi convince me that he is a revolutionary? He must be really mad to think he can trick the entire world all of the time.

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