Friday, October 13, 2006

A respond to Cyril Allen's allegations

A respond to Cyril Allen’s allegations

The National Patriotic Party “which self proclaim chief, Cyril Allen led” was not operated as a political party but rather as a notorious form of pro-paganist and satanic group or arrangement that terrorized, dehumanized, denied children of their childhood immunity and inflicted mayhem upon the entire sub region all the days of their stay in power. The influenced of the so-called NPP is today expressed by the presence of their self proclaim stander bearer behind bars in The Hague, in Netherlands. Cyril Allen chaired a Group that operated as professedly human hawks that send others to rape and mutilate innocent kids whilst he and his boss “Charles Taylor” followed the battle towns’ procession like predatory carpet-beggars.

Life has just been disappointing for Cyril Allen and his partisans since the formation of their so-called NPP. In the entire life span or administration of the NPP, there was no complete definition of “Democracy” so it was not too surprising to hear Mr. Cyril Allen referring to his disqualification from contesting the upcoming Margibi county District # 2 bi-elections as mockery to Democracy and justice. Allen’s understanding of Democracy is quite different from the universal definition or function of Democracy. When I listened to Allen’s allegations, few questions came to my mind: Which “NPP” party convention elected Charles Taylor as standard bearer of the NPP? Who contested against Charles Taylor at that Convention? He was a self proclaimed standard bearer. So his “Taylor” self-proclamation introduced a new system to the NPP. Allen “being so power greedy like his boss” quickly proclaimed himself as “CHIEF”. After Allen’s self proclamation as chief, Kuku Dennis decided he could not sit back and let all the huge titles go without him getting hold of one. He “Dennis” declared himself as four star-general.

During the notorious NPP arrangement “chaired by Cyril Allen”, there was no accountability, respect for human rights and freedom of speech so where is Cyril Allen coming from with his Democracy? During his tenure as chairman of the National Patriotic Party, thousands “if not, millions” of Liberians were coerced into exile. In April of 1998, I nearly lost my head off my shoulder simply because I wrote an article entitled: Law makers, not noise makers.
NPP apologized to Liberians several times for failing to deliver some of their dishonesties.
According to article 58 of the Liberia constitution, the president of Liberia is mandated to deliver annual message to the Nation “Liberia” on the fourth working Monday of January in each year. At such time, the president is required to present his/her legislative agenda and is expected to provide a financial report for the following year. Unfortunately, Cyril Allen and his boss “Taylor” did not read that part of the constitution and so they moved on with their Democracy without accountability. What really bothers me about it now is the silences of this well know Democrat “Cyril Allen” over all of the above. Maybe all of his “then radio Liberia, or KISS FM” journalists associated with broadcasting and printing suddenly went on strike and chose to block out news about the NPP’s failure to give financial report to the Nation. Other than the above possibilities, I find it difficult to comprehend how I could have missed such an important even. In my refugee bed at the time, I surfed the web virtually and monitored almost all of the news media in Liberia on the daily basis so such an important event may not have passed without my attention. Again, what happen to Democracy and where was Cyril Allen?
Today, the democratically elected rebel leader of the NPP “war crimes criminal Charles Taylor” sits behind bars grumbling for food. Maybe he’s behind bars because he and his NPP “which was chaired by Cyril Allen” delivered justice and Democracy to some places that Democracy and justice was not needed. Allen should be referring to Edwin Snowe’s elections as mockery to Democracy. Many of us are now criticizing the Sirleaf Government for allowing someone like Allen to freely parade the streets of Monrovia whilst thousands of homeless kids roam the streets of Monrovia in search of daily bread.
The fact that Allen is making all these allegations without being dragged to hospital bed is one of the real definitions of Democracy. His “Allen’s” disqualification from the Margibi County House race is a clear and strong signal that judicial system in Liberia is now credible and will simultaneously graduate to transparency.
Prior to joining the house race for Margibi County, Allen was also heard criticizing the government on the 150 days deliverable. I almost brook my legs into my computer “which I usually used to monitor news from and about Liberia” the question that came to my mind was: What did the “Cyril Allen chaired” NPP deliver to Liberia and Liberians?
Mayhem, lies, tortures, rape and bunch of apologies?
Allen should be should be ashamed of himself whenever he mentioned the word “Democracy”. This is a man who headed the National Patriotic Party which did not live up to even a fractional part of the tenure of democracy. Now he comes out portraying himself as one who really understands the word Democracy. Where was Allen when his NPP securities flogged cllr. Francis Johnson Morris when she served as directress of the Catholic Justice and Piece Commission? Where was he when Cllr. Tiawan Gonglo was brutalized by “NPP” government securities? All of the above and many more were done without the perpetrators facing the due process of the law “if it ever existed in their arrangement” right in the face of Allen. Cyril Allen witnessed and contributed to the above but did not question the existence of Democracy until now. He and his many collaborators are yet to go to court for their actions against humanity.
The truth of the matter is that Cyril Allen wants to draw our attention away from what we “Liberians” should be telling the Ellen led government about him. Allen is a rich man and he knows that we “Liberians” are aware of this. He amassed wealth for himself from petroleum products and scrap materials from LPRC when he served as Director. He operated a logging company (MTC an auxiliary to OTC) in the Bomiwood forest in Lower Lofa (now Gbarpolu County), Cape Mount and Bomi Counties. In all of these operations, he was only accountable to his boss “Ghankay” instead of national government since infact there was not one. We “as well as Mr. Allen” know that during the NPP led government tenure, Mr. Taylor was the government and Allen, Kuku Dennis and the entire sycophantic cheering squad of Taylor were the Liberian people.
Apart from being the chairman of the NPP, Mr. Allen also served as chairman of the National Investment Commission where he overtly took liberty of redirecting investment funds “that were accrued” into his personal bank account in Nigeria and other parts of Europe. After overtly looting the economy of Liberia, he has come back to Liberia demanding to be rewarded as representative for a county that he has never resided in for a complete week, what a shame? Let me be very quick to inform Mr. Allen that legislature is not money making place as he may be thinking. Mr. Allen, please be contended with what you already have since infact we are not demanding you to return them to Liberia. Be grateful and appreciative for now by going into the private sector. Make investment with the Liberian people’s money and provide job opportunity for those homeless Liberians that are affected by your economic looting. You can do it and we know you have the financial capability. Go private or you shout up and sit down. Liberia doesn’t really need you in public life now.

Sam K Zinnah
Liberian Student
Delaware State, USA


Anonymous said...

just so you know, he fucking had the only schloraship available to your country ass people so you can't say anything about that! like i your fucking research, you are basaed in the state and your sources is cnn,,,maybe your asss need to fly over to your so called country and take more info before you open your sticking mouth
don't try to get fame by blashing mr. allen cuz you are going to end up six feet under and that's a promise rememeber.
Or did you forget about what he does to people like yoy?
maybe you need to look it up...idiot!

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