Thursday, August 03, 2006

Liberia former President “but fugitive and controversy”

After almost 160 years of independence, Liberia is yet to enjoy consultation of former president. Recently, Liberia came close to getting a former president but the opportunity was swept out like hurricane. In 2003, the fugitive and former president (Charles Taylor) was forced into exile in a peace deal that had the support of African leaders, the United States and the United Nations. Before being coerce into exile, Taylor narrowly escaped arrest in Ghana. A 17 counts of war crimes “and crimes against humanity” indictment was unsealed against Taylor while attending a peace talk in Accra, Ghana. The fugitive and former president continued to enjoy life in his calabar vacation home until lately when international pressure began mounting on his host, “Nigeria” and the infant Liberian government led by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. As the old saying goes; “there is an end to every good thing”. This proverb sounded very loud and sharp when President Sirleaf made her final decision to trade-in the fugitive and controversy” former president Charles Taylor for development aid for the country that was devastated by him “Taylor” and his bunch of sycophants. President Sirleaf’s decision to bring Charles Taylor to justice was again re-emphasized when she recently address the U.S. Congress in Washington DC. On March 21, 2006, President Sirleaf met with U.S. president George Walker Bush who again stressed the need to bring fugitive and controversy former president “Charles Taylor” to justice or take justice to him wherever he “Taylor” will decide to take delivery of his long overdue war crimes package.
Charles Taylor’s host, Nigeria’s obassanjo, has been playing delay tactics in handling over Charles Taylor. Up to present, Obassanjo is yet to make public a copy of the deal under which Charles Taylor was granted asylum in Nigeria. For those of us that have done some pivotal analysis on Charles Taylor’s crony behaviors over the yeas, are fully aware that Taylor covertly requested Obasanjo to come to his aid for fear of being eaten by Sakou Konneh’s LURD forces that had closed in on Charles Taylor and his militias (at the time). Obasanjo’s continues delay tactics to hand over fugitive and former president Charles Taylor is not a matter of facts, but simply of a “feeling” which may not have any legitimate place in the efforts to address the relevant political problems in Liberia and the neighboring countries. His “Obasanjo’s” kind of emotion driven aberration is a mojor factor of mass political behavior motivated by pathological use of “I feel” as a substitute for rational behavior. I some times wonder how Obasanjo feels about the mass killing of Nigerian soldiers in the wicked hands of the very Charles Taylor that he’s hosting and playing delay tactics in sending him to face justice. The notion of a democracy of “feeling” as a distinct from reasoning is a potentially fatal contradiction in terms, as a case of what happen in sierra Loene, part of Guinea and Cote de’ Voire expressed a large overdose of feeling but virtually no exercise of reasoning.
Years back, the world watched mothers “with scarcely strength to support themselves” carried famished and malnourished infants in their arms and died with them. Many fell victim to stray bullets & cold whilst others to intense thirst and hunger simply because Charles Taylor wanted to enrich himself @ the expense of those he claimed to be liberating.
The decision “by president Sirleaf” to bye-pass the Taylor dominated legislature and take the controversy case to the bosses is a very smart move. Her recent decision has cause panic among Taylor creations. Recently, three die-hard supporters of Fugitive and controversy former president Charles Taylor were arrested in Monrovia for having covert meeting at Jowel Howard’s congo town resident. Those arrested were: Sando Johnson, former Bomi county senator under Charles Taylor, Roland Duo, former rebel general under Charles Taylor, David Norris and Emma Smallwood. They were detained for atleast eight hours before being released by NSA in Monrovia. Charles Taylor is now trying to use every available connection he has with the present legislature to block his hand over to the UN backed war crimes court in Sierra Leone. Reports also indicate that some strange men “allegedly send by Charles Taylor from his calabal vacation home” are in Monrovia to take on some covert operations.
Recently, a vacancy was created in the Hague, the Netherlands, by Slobodan Milosevic who was pronounced dead in his reward cell. This vacancy serves as a strong signal for Charles Taylor who many believe is the next person in queue for Milovesevic’s vacant room. The indescribable regime of Charles Taylor glows like necular waste. The only difference between Charles Taylor and Adolph Hitler is the target.

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